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‘In Itinere’ (en route) is a project that was born in 2013 after a road trip in the fascinating African desert. Back then we were just a group of friends, united by a passion for travel and adventure. The idea of creating our cultural association emerged from the desire to repeat this kind of experience.

The purpose of In Itinere is not only to promote the exchange of experiences among travellers but, beyond that, to encourage people who share a love for travel and for the knowledge of different cultures to come together.

We believe that journey is a synonym of knowledge. It is a formative path that leads us to discover new worlds and new perspectives, but above all ourselves. We called this project ‘In Itinere’ precisely because it expresses the concepts of a journey in progress, of change and transformation. The logo represents a spiral around the world that indicates this path in evolution.

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Every project comes from a vision. Our vision is nourished by a great passion that is renewed day by day, with experience and the desire to innovate and so to progress, always. NATIVE is our vision: Italian craftsmanship and know-how are the keystones of our project where innovation is the protagonist.

A material that underlies a wide range of possibilities and solutions. A new idea where tradition meets innovation pursued every day in our laboratories: a limitless, exciting and constantly evolving journey. The NATIVE story is an all-Italian story!

It was born from a shared passion for travel, adventure and sport. NATIVE wear was conceived, designed and tested in extreme environments during adventure / solidarity trips undertaken with the cultural association ‘In Itinere’.

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